Our Services

Our expert witness & litigation team deal with residential property and can provide the following services:


  • Act for claimants and defendants

  • Act as single joint experts

  • Act as expert witness surveyors

  • Provide expert witness reports

  • Provide Property condition reports

  • Determine if a property is prejudicial to health under the Environmental Protection Act 1990

  • Conduct HHSRS inspections

  • Housing Act 2004 Improvement notices relating to category 1 hazards reports

  • Section 11 Landlords and Tenants Act 1985 litigation surveys


​North East Office

Address:1 Emily Street, Hull HU9 1ND

Head office Telephone mobile: 07901564422

website; www.landlordsdispute.com



Mobile: 07901564422

website;www. landlordsdispute.com